About Calming Winds

Tonia Bultrowicz B.A. is the practitioner and teacher for Calming Winds Holistic Health Services.  She began her journey over 25 years ago when she worked as a licensed mental health professional.  Tonia realized that if you’re going to find harmony and balance in life, it’s important to help individuals not only with their mind but with their body and spirit as well.  She decided after many years in the mental health field to make it a priority to explore other holistic methods and now devotes her career to providing holistic services.

Tonia believes that often, we face physical pain due to overextending ourselves physically, emotionally, psychologically, and energetically.  As a result, we may feel illness and troubles that seem to never really go away. Mostly because we have a hard time understanding ourselves as metaphysical beings, having a physical experience. Using an alternative approach to wellness you can discover that balance can be achieved and help you live an optimal life.  There are many approaches that can be useful in our lives that doesn’t need to take away from your traditional methods of medicine.  These holistic services can help us reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, pain, negative thought patterns and mental fatigue.

At Calming Winds, Tonia offers services in~  Access Bars,  Clearing Held Memories, Reflexology, Reiki,          Shamanic practices, Tuning Fork Therapy and Therapeutic Drumming.  In addition, she teaches classes in all levels of Reiki, Tuning Fork Therapy and Clearing Held Memories and offers a variety of workshops throughout the year on holistic healing and metaphysical topics.

Services are conducted in a therapeutic manner and remains confidential.  Tonia also enjoys traveling and has lived in Europe and Central America.  Keep watch on special events, as she travels she will announce where she is offering her services or offering a class.

Tonia continues to believe in being of service for others and donates time to the Life with Cancer program offered by INOVA Hospital in Leesburg, Virginia and assist individuals who are transitioning and will work with family members who have loved in hospice.

It is her goal to help the community reach positivity and higher states of self with traditional, and integrative modes of holistic healing.

Services are currently conducted in Leesburg, Virginia

Contact Tonia by Email at calmingwindshealing@gmail.com