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Tuning Fork Therapy Open House~

October 30, 2018  10am-12pm at the Cascades Overlook Event Center in Sterling, Virginia.  I’ll be demonstrating the gift of healing using Tuning Forks.


 Reiki and Yoga Fusion Level I Class

Level I Reiki Class fused with Yin Yoga.   This class combines the Level I Reiki curriculum with Yin Yoga, allowing for a deeper understanding of both practices and how they can apply in every student’s life. Yin Yoga is accessible for all levels, even for those who have never tried yoga, those with injuries, or other mobility issues.

Class includes Reiki Manual and special gift to help you stay grounded.  Fusion will be taught with Reiki Master, Tonia Bultrowicz and Yoga teacher, Chelsea D. Snyder from Samscarayogava.  




Reiki Refresher Courses

Start the new year by remembering we are all filled with energy.  

  • Has it been a while since you had a Reiki Class or used Reiki on yourself/or others 
  • Do you want to get re-acquainted with the principles and the practices of Reiki 
  • Do you want to learn some additional techniques on how to boost your focus with grounding 
  • Would you like to learn some new table techniques 

This course is is designed to address all your questions since your last Reiki Class.  Whether it’s been months or years since your last time you practiced Reiki, this course will help you familiarize with the beautiful energy, help you regain and deepen your confidence.  

Initial class is 3 hours and additional classes can be scheduled if needed.  Refresher courses are available for all levels.  If you received your training elsewhere, a copy of your Reiki certificate will be required.  Contact Tonia at tonia@calmingwinds to schedule a time that’s convenient for your schedule.

Cost for each refresher class  is $60.00.  



 Animal Reiki Class 

This class is designed for individuals who are interested in deepening their personal connection with their pets.  This class will give you instruction with Reiki I and then advance your skills to share Reiki with your pet.   You’ll become acquainted with the true range of possibilities for bringing healing to domestic and animals.  Animal Reiki class is held over two days.  The first day is instruction and is conducted at the Reiki class location, the second class is scheduled individually in your home while in the presence of the animal you intend to share the Reiki energy.  For further details, please contact Tonia at

View Animal Reiki page for additional details.



Clearing Held Memories Training Program  chakra-man-woman-735507

Clearing Held Memories Training Program is a unique and powerful form of energetic body work. This complimentary and integrative energy therapy program enables the practitioner to connect to cellular memories and release the energetic components of deeply held traumas.

By combining the gentle connection of touch to the various energy systems flowing throughout the body, blocked traumas may be released.   These techniques play a major role in restoring a person’s vitality.  The knowledge you learn here may be incorporated into any traditional massage or energy healing therapy practice or your current healing routine for yourself.

Participants will learn initially in the Laying The Foundation courses how to perform six energy movement techniques which are used in all levels of the training program and prepares them  Pathways of Emotions and Mastering the Vibrations of this program.  Participants will perform these energy movement techniques to multi aspects of five primary energy systems:  Grounding, Chakras, Gateways to Emotions, Energies of the Heart and Life Lines. The techniques and systems learned can be incorporated into the participants current healing routine or current healing practice. 



k3960616Reiki for the whole FAMILY !

One of the beautiful gifts of Reiki is it’s not just for adults, it can be used for your children and animals.  If your interested in expanding the healing experience to your family; Reiki I can be taught to the whole family or for just a few in the comfort of your own home.  For additional details, contact Tonia at In our home, two of my sons have been attuned to Reiki and my mother.  All of the boys love receiving Reiki and often ask for Reiki (especially after a long night playing baseball or after a stressful day at school).  When they first experience discomfort in the bodies, they don’t come and ask for some medicine they will ask for advice on where they can place their hands allowing them to try to get some relief energetically.  They understand that Reiki isn’t here to replace western medicine but it’s here as a tool to support them with their healing choices.