At this time all classes and sessions are put on hold in the United States until 2017.  If interested in learning in Costa Rica please contact her at 


Below are the fees associated with the services provided by Calming Winds.  All services are provided by Tonia Bultrowicz.  Reiki classes are conducted over a period of days that is scheduled to mutually fit your schedule with the teacher.

Reiki Classes

Reiki I   $150.00  

Reiki II  $250.00

Level I Reiki and Animal Reiki     $200.00


Clearing Held Memories Training Program

Each class is and is conducted over two days:  $165.00                    


Energy Work Sessions

1.5  hour session ~ in US  $75.00

Animal Reiki session  ~  $30.00

Distance Reiki  ~ $25.00                         

If sessions need conducted at a care facility, please give this information when scheduling an appointment.                                                                                                      


Space Clearing for your home or office

Range begins at $100.00.  Price is determined by size of the space and the time needed.  Energy work for you as an individual can be added to a space clearing.  Please specify this at the time of your request.

CalmingWinds, also offers Reiki I class in your home for a group of your family and friends.