Below are the fees associated with the services provided by Calming Winds.  Classes and services are provided by Tonia Bultrowicz.  Yoga Fusion is conducted by Tonia Bultrowicz and Chelsea Snyder from Samskarayogava. 

Reiki Classes

Reiki I:  $165.00  

Reiki II  $250.00

Reiki I and Animal Reiki    $225.00

Reiki Master/Teacher  Available upon request

Reiki Refresher Class for each scheduled 2-3 hour class  $60.00

Reiki~Yoga Fusion Level I, The Art of Healing Class:    $250.00  



Clearing Held Memories Training Program

Clearing Held Memories is a unique and powerful way of working with the body and its energy systems. It facilitates the release of deeply held memories trapped in the tissues that have created imbalances in the energy flow of our bodies.

Each class is:  $165.00.  First class has additional fee to cover the manual fee.  Classes are scheduled once a month for the series.      


Tuning Fork Therapy® Class

Students will  be introduced into the science of sound and how to use Tuning Fork Therapy® to create a balance and harmony.  Students will be taught Tuning Fork Therapy techniques that can be applied for Chakra clearing,  toning and supporting the human bodies energetic system.  Class includes a Tuning Fork kit that includes:  Set of Tuning Forks, Tuning Fork Therapy® manual and activating puck.  Students successfully completing this level will be able to apply what they learned for themselves and others.

Cost for class is $300    Prior to class a non-refundable costs of $125.00 is needed for the purchase of your kit.


Energy Work Sessions and Other Classes

1.5  hour session ~ in US  $80.00

Tuning Fork Sessions 1 hour ~ $50.00

Animal Reiki session  ~  $40.00

Distance Reiki  ~ $30.00           

Core Shamanism session for 1 hour ~ $50.00

Shamanic Reiki Session ~ $100.00  Incorporates Reiki and Core Shamanism that includes journeying and power animal retrieval. Session is up to 2 hours.




Payment for classes or individual sessions can be made by credit card or cash.