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Energy Work In Health Care Settings

Energy Work is gaining acceptance as a meaningful way to improve our health and allow it to be complementary benefit while we pursue our health issues. In 2008 USA Today published an article stating that in 2007 15% of U.S. hospitals offered Reiki as a regular part of patient services, that’s roughly 800 hospitals. I’m sure today that number is much higher as now it is being used in nursing homes, cancer support groups to name a few.

Energy work can be very helpful during health procedures, to help speed recovery time after surgery, to create a calm environment prior to appointments. CalmingWinds was granted permission to assist a patient who had to have emergency eye procedure. Very Thankful to have physician respond positively when patient requested assistance prior to procedure to gain her composure and be given a few minutes to receive Reiki and then be granted permission to stay in the room to give energy work at a distance during the invasive eye procedure.

Healing is multidimensional process, Energy Work is not intended to replace medical advice but to give us a voice in what may help our body to respond while healing or cope with chronic issues. For additional information on how Reiki is used in the medical field go to for additional information.