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New Services at Calming Winds

Healing Rock Reflexology  Rock Reflexology at Calming Winds is coming in July.

Reflexology rests on the ancient belief in qi (pronounced “chee”), or “vital energy.” According to this belief, qi flows through each person. When a person feels stressed, their body blocks qi.  This can cause an imbalance in the body that leads to illness. Reflexology aims to keep qi flowing through the body, keeping it balanced bringing blood flow to your feet which then brings energy to the body’s systems.
In Chinese medicine, different body parts correspond with different pressure points on the body. Reflexologists use these points in the feet, hands, and ears to determine where they should apply pressure. The Basalt Lava rocks retain heat very well. The ancients believe that these lava rocks have nurturing, cleansing and healing effects on the body. The heat radiating from the stones is expected to relax the muscles in the feet and, at the same time, allowing the therapist to work deeper into the reflex areas.
This ancient tradition which goes back thousands of years; sends energy flowing through these pressure points to a person’s body until it reaches the area in need of balancing.  Each session of “Healing Rock Reflexology” lasts for 60 minutes.

Calming Winds is sponsoring “Eden Method Workshop” presented by Debbie Sackadorf. Debbie will share Eden Method stress reduction techniques and how to balance the sympathetic nervous system. The workshop is a combination of lecture and hands on practice. No energy experience necessary. Come learn skills that can raise your vibration !  Workshop will be held in Leesburg, Virginia at Calming Winds in September. Fee for workshop is $25. Registration required as space is limited and must be paid in advance to secure registration.
Register by PM Tonia or by Emailing Tonia at:
Registration can be made with Venmo, Square or Paypal.



Awaken the Rainbow, Scheduling Session for the month of May and June.  This is Shamanic Chakra session that is designed as a interactive approach to open your chakras.  Each session will last 90 minutes.

Register by contacting Tonia at or phone/text 571-271-5411.  Limited space. Energy is free but small donations is appreciated.  All energy practitioners are welcome.

This is the first class of the new series that will be offered by Calming Winds. The Laying the Foundation series is five classes that will be offered 6 weeks apart.  The initial class called “Energy Flow” begins May 15, from 10:00-5:00.  Fee is $185 and includes manual that will be used for the classes.  Registration is now open.  Further details can be found on the Clearing Held Memories classes page.  Registerstration is now open.  Register by contacting Tonia at or phone 571-271-5411. 

Come experience the Soundscape experience at Samskara Yoga and Healing.  I will be assisting in this event. You have the choices to be in a ariel float or grounded on a yoga mat on the floor. I promise it will be an amazing energetic and healing event.  Register at:  Samskara Soundscape event


Register by contacting Tonia at or phone 571-271-5411.  Currently there is only one more opening. No prior experience necessary. Workshop will be interactive and you will have an opportunity to practice the new techniques you learn that day.

The benefits of this method~
Alleviating Pain
Calms The Nervous System
Stabilizing Emotional Imbalances
Assist You Grounding
Stress Reduction
Restless Leg Syndrome
Assist with Side Effects of Chemo Therapy and Radiation