At a Glance Services

Tonia Bultrowicz, BA     Has a bachelor of arts in Sociology and Psychology and is a teacher in Reiki, Tuning Fork Therapy and Clearing Held Memories. In addition, she’s a practitioner in Reflexology, Access Bars, Therapeutic Drumming, Shamanic services and offers doTERRA essential oils during her sessions.

Below are the fees associated with the services provided at Calming Winds in Leesburg, Virginia. Classes and services are provided by Tonia Bultrowicz. To schedule a class or session, please contact Tonia by phone/text at  571-271-5411 or by Email at      To learn more about Tonia, go to the About Calming Winds page.






Reflexology Services Reflexology 60 Minutes:  $90                                                                                                            Foot & Hand Reflexology  90 Minutes:   $120                                                                                                      Reflexology with Reiki  90 Minutes:   $130                                                                                                                    Basalt Rock Reflexology  60 Minutes:   $110

Reiki Session 60 Minutes:  $90                                                                                                     Reiki Session 90 Minutes:  $130                                                                                                    Reiki by Distance:  $60   

Reiki Classes vary in price depending on level  


 Animal Reiki 60 Minutes session in your home within Loudoun, County:  $130                   




Tuning Fork Therapy 60 Minutes:       $90                                                                            Tuning Fork Level 1 Class 6-8 hours:  $350                                                            



Therapeutic Drumming combined with Reiki for 60 Minutes:     $90   

Group events can be coordinated at your location.  Minimum of 4 people.  Email for cost.  If outside of Loudoun County there is additional fee for transportation.



Access Bars®   Access Bars 60 minute session:   $90



Shamanic Services                                                                                                                              Soul Remembrance:                                $130                                                                                      Individual/Learning to Journey:           $150                                                                                  Power Animal Retrieval:                         $100                                                                                    Shamanic Journey Practice Night is Nov. 2nd 6:30-9:00  Suggested donation $20                                                                   

Soul Retrieval may be scheduled after a consultation with Tonia. Retrieval includes healing treatment and can take several hours:  $225                                                                                                                                                                                      

Clearing Held Memories                                                                                               Clearing Held Memories session:     $130                                                            Clearing Held Memories Program of Classes                                                                   Held Memories Initial Introduction Class:   $185                                                        Each class there-after is each:          $165 



Copper Pyramid added to a service:   Additional Fee $15



Reiki Death Service

Reiki provides comfort to the person whose life is coming to an end. Reiki Death Services offers physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional support for the person near the end of their life and or actively transitioning. The service provided by Tonia gives Reiki directly to the person transitioning at the location they are in, whether it be at home, hospice, or hospital.  Fee for service:     A Donation



                                                    Square, PayPal, Venmo and cash all accepted.