Clearing Held Memories



Clearing Held Memories “Releasing Held Traumas”.  This energetic modality facilitates the release of deeply held memories trapped in the individuals cells and tissues, that has can create an imbalance of the energetic flow within the body.  By combining the gentle connection of touch to the various energy systems flowing throughout the body,  blocked traumas may be released.  These techniques play a major role in restoring a person’s vitality.  

Clearing Held Memories session:     $130     

The training program:  is offered in three levels of instruction with five classes on each level. Each class builds upon the others. The knowledge you acquire may be incorporated into traditional massage and other body work sessions. Additionally, it may be incorporated into traditional energy work sessions such as Reiki, Healing Touch and others.

The Clearing Held Memories Training Program encompasses three courses which includes five classes in each course.


  1. Laying the Foundation
  2. Pathways of Emotions
  3. Mastering Vibrations

Benefits of Clearing Held Memories

  • Reducing Stress and promoting relaxation
  • Releases underlining causes of illness.
  • Repairs relationship issues.
  • Releases past trauma, fears and disappointments. 
  • Change unhealthy perceptions and can help reduce symptoms.  
  • Helps speed up and recover from physical trauma. 
  • Helps to cope with grief or loss.
  • Promotes of renewed sense of being.

Created originally by Brunce Winkle, the Clearing Held Memories program is now taught by just a few individuals across the US.  Contact Tonia Bultrowicz if interested in learning this unique way of healing or to experience your own healing with a personal session: or (571) 271-5411.  




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