Laying the Foundation Classes


Participants will learn how to perform six energy movement techniques which are used throughout training program and prepares them for Pathways of Emotions and Mastering the Vibrations of this program.  Participants will perform these energy movement techniques to multi aspects of five primary energy systems:  Grounding, Chakras, Gateways to Emotions, Energies of the Heart and Life Lines.  The techniques and systems learned can be incorporated into the participants current healing routine or current healing practice.

The following information pertains to each of the classes listed in the Laying the Foundation Course.

Class consists of 8 hours of instruction and hands on experience and each build on each other.

A certificate of Attendance will be given after this class.

Certificate of Completion will be presented when all five classes are completed from the course.

Class tuition for each class is $165.00  Payment will be collected prior to class beginning.

Class 1 – Energy Flow and Chakras

Learn how to connect to the energy within the body and use three energy movement techniques: Stirring, Energy Flow and Full Body Energy Flow.  You will learn how apply these energy techniques to the grounding points and nine chakras within the body.

Class 2 – Expanding Energy Flows

Learn four additional energy movement techniques: Figure Eight, Wheel, Pyramid and Paddle.  Learn how to use these techniques to clear blockages found in the body.                                     

Class 3 – Gateway to Emotions

Learn how to connect to twelve major organs which are gateways to releasing held emotional traumas throughout the body. You will learn how to apply multiple energy techniques to release blocked energy.                                                                                                                                                             

Class 4 – Energies of the Heart

Learn how to identify the energetic components of the layers and chambers of the heart.  Apply multiple energy techniques to clear and enhance the heart’s energetic flow.                                                                                                                                   

Class 5 – Life Lines 

Learn how traumatic events are recorded in our cells from conception until the present and why these traumas are at the core of our subconscious.  Apply multiple energy techniques to clear these imbalanced cellular memories.