Mastering Vibrations

Participants will acquire advance procedures with hands on experience to master assessing and applying energy techniques to clear held traumas within the body.  Participants will perform these energy movement techniques and the systems learned can be incorporated into the participants current healing practice and prepares them to become a Certified Practitioner.

General Information:

  1. Prerequisite-Pathways of Emotion Course.
  2. Classes can be taken in any order.
  3. Each class consist of 8 hours of instruction with 1 hour for lunch.
  4. A certificate of attendance will be given when all five classes are  not scheduled in five consecutive days.
  5. A certificate of completion, as a Practitioner II, will be presented when all five classes are completed.


At this time this Level of Clearing Held Memories classes are being taught in the United States by Bruce Winkle.                                                                                                                                      For information on when these classes will be scheduled contact Bruce at