Mastering the Vibration


Class 1 – Advance pathways

Learn how imbalances in the Pathways are manifested as physical symptoms.  Learn additional tools to assess which section of the Pathway should receive immediate clearing.

Class 2 – Elements of Emotion

Learn how the six elements of the body are affected by a single emotional trauma.  Learn how to assess and release these imbalances.

Class 3 – Spinal Energy

Learn the structural attributes of the spine and how to apply energy movement techniques to clear traumas held within the vertebra.

Class 4 – Advanced Life Lines

Learn how additional influences affect the life force throughout a person’s lifeline.  Learn how to apply energy clearing techniques to enhance a persons vitality.

Class 5 – Fields and Layers

Learn how to distinguish the difference between Energy Fields outside the body and Energy Layers within the body.  Learn how to apply selective energy movement techniques to these Fields and Layers.