Pathways of Emotions

Participants will learn how energy flows through the body by Meridian channels and energy Pathways.  Participants will perform energy movement techniques to the Gateway connections located along the Pathways that have been imbalanced by traumatic events.

The techniques and systems learned can be incorporated into the participants current healing practice or healing routine and prepares them for the Mastering Vibrations course .

General Information:

  1. Prerequisite for this course is Certification in Laying the Foundation course.
  2. Each class consists of 8 hours of instruction and hands on experience.
  3. A certificate of completion as a Practitioner I will be presented when all 5 classes are completed.
  4. A certificate of attendance will be given when all five classes are not presented in 5 consecutive days.

At this time this Level of Clearing Held Memories classes are being taught in Leesburg, Virginia in the United States by Alma Alzarate who is an amazing teacher .  For information on how to contact Alma please email Tonia at