Copper Pyramid

Calming Winds offers the pyramid generator as an option.  You can add the generator to some of the services at Calming Winds.  When setting an appointment, if this is an option you like to request, please ask when booking. To add the generator to your service, there will be an additional $15 fee,

The benefits of the pyramid as described by Bill Kerill who studied the affects of the energy for 17 years:

1. Enhances Brain Activity – Helps the brain to regain Alpha state and Theta state. It hells in expanding your awareness and heightened intuitions. (Theta is the state of mind where you can create everything and change reality instantly, which can be achieved through deep meditation and is favorable for instant journeying, healing, relaxation, clarity, and calmness.)
2. Effective in Shielding – You see Pyramid base, and apex, the design is so perfect for tough grounding, stability and hence it protects the physical body during out of body experiences and negative energies’ attacks.
3. Amplifies Healing – Because of pyramid geometrical shape, when someone enters the pyramid it constantly tries to keep its own energy field in balance and in doing so, it balances and releases blockages in our subtle energy fields (auras and chakras).
4. Self-realization and self-awareness – due to pyramid’s sacred geometry it builds and centers one’s energy.
5. Quicker Desire Manifestations – Amplified healing, balanced auras and chakras lead to rising in body vibration which get in tune with desires’ vibrations and hence their manifestations.