Tambour Unite’ Drums Available

Drums, drums and more drums……..above collage is my Tambour Unity Drum along with some of my other many drums. Did I mention, I love to drum !

Drumming is my passion and my dear friend, Doris Poulin from Harmony to Your Energy is the Ambassador here in the USA for Tambour Unite’.  Drumming is very therapeutic and you can drum at home, with friends and there are many drum circles around that you can join.  I help Doris showcase some of her Tambour Unite’ drums.  If you see one you are interested in, contact me and I will help you connect to her.   The picture below is my dear friend, Doris and she’s surrounded by the Tambour Unite’ drums and rattles.  All of these drums are handcrafted and having amazing sound and made with special care.  Drums are available for adoption because when you adopt a drum, you are giving the animal another life. Drums can also be shipped.  Harmony to Your Energy is located in Leesburg, Virginia.


Tambour Unis son Drums

Tambour Unis son Drums shown above are made from Buffalo Hide and Organic Cotton Lacing. Each drum is 18″ and frame is white cedar.  In the fourth picture you will see the beautiful lacing and each drum has a healing stone in the middle.

Ocean Drums

Below is Buffalo Hide Ocean Drums. Frames are White Cedar and each are filled with copper beads which allows for an incredible sound.  I personally use mine for healing over others and for meditation.


Tambour Unity Drum

These drums have two options for stands.  One is a tripod which allows it to stand and the other is a special system which allows the drum to be flat, where you can use it as a drum or you can use it over a massage table for vibrational healing while lying directly under the drum.  The removable system allows you to unlatch and move the drum, this allows you to get on and off the table easily. An example of both stands are shown above in my collage.


Pictured below is Calming Winds therapeutic drum system that is used for vibrational sound sessions.  Under the Tambour Unity drum you are able to relax while laying comfortably on the massage table.  The treatment allows you to  experience a full body immersion of vibrational energy.  A few minutes is enough for the vibration of the Unity Drum to transport you into a relaxing state of consciousness.  Thanks to the large dimension of the drum, it’s frequencies are distributed evening and once finished you feel relaxed, grounded and balanced. If interested in experiencing a session for yourself, contact Tonia at Calming Winds (571-271-5411) or Email her at: calmingwindshealing@gmail.com