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Essential Oils have been part of my life for many years.  If you come for a service at Calming Winds, you can decide if you like to have Essential Oils included. If you decide to begin using them in your daily life there are some guidelines you should consider.

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that retain the natural smell and flavor of their source. They have many uses but it’s important to research what oil is right for you.  Here are some important items to consider prior to using an essential oil.


1. Allergies:  If you’re allergic to a tree or plant, avoid that related oil. Essential oils are extracted directly from those plants in high concentrations.

2. A small amount is all you need:  Because of the high concentration, a few drops of essential oils can go a long way. Most should be diluted or mixed with other ingredients before using or applying directly to the skin. Essential oils can vary by brand and how they can be used so be sure to read the labels.

3. Aromatherapy benefits:  One of the most popular uses for essential oils is aromatherapy. Different oils and scents have specific uses. For example, lavender and rosemary essential oils work great as stress relievers. Lemon and orange essential oils are great for use in cleaners, however depending on the surface they could cause streaking. A diffuser is a common way to incorporate oils with aromatherapy.

4. Please use caution:   Be careful when diffusing oils around kids and pets as they can be more sensitive to the fragrance. Check with a veterinarian to clarify which oils can be used safely around your animals. I recommend you do some research prior to using essential oils on your kids and always dilute with a carrier oil.  If your child has a chronic health condition, you should consider consulting with your pediatrician prior to using essential oils.

5. Patch test:  Everyone’s body is unique and may react differently. Prior to starting a essential oil, start by doing a test spot on your inner arm to see if any reaction develops before using it in larger quantities.  It may also be necessary to dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil for the first test and if there’s no reaction then patch test with no dilution.

6. Always keep a carrier oil on hand:  There are several oils to consider when choosing a carrier oil.  A few possibilities are:  coconut, almond, jojoba or olive oil. The carrier oil dilutes the essential oil and beneficial when applying directly to the skin to avoid any irritation and remember some oils are hot and you should always be used with a carrier oil.

Essential oils should be used in moderation.  When used properly essential oils can be a safe and enjoyable part of your routine.   Included in this page, I will post information published by the company doTERRA but you should always do thorough research on the use of essential oils and the company who makes them prior to incorporating them in your life.

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Cleaning With Essential Oils Guide by doTERRA