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Reiki I Refresh Workshop Samskara Yoga Dulles Sterling Ashburn Loudoun


Reiki I Refresh course is designed to help Reiki practitioners refresh your skills and to address any questions you’ve had since your last Reiki training. During this refresher training, you’ll be given the opportunity to review numerous topics and to practice your skills with other Reiki practitioners. At the end of this workshop, you will regain confidence and knowledge along with the motivation to bring Reiki energy and practices back into your daily routine.

Class topics include:

  • Review the Reiki Principles and how to incorporate them into your life
  • Byosen Scanning for yourself and others and understanding hand sensations
  • Types of Intuition
  • Grounding exercises for centering yourself
  • Kenyoko cleansing
  • Reiki Anatomy and the emotions associated with the anatomy
  • Self Reiki hand placements and reviewing hand placements techniques for others on a Reiki table or chair

This workshop is suitable for anyone who has studied and received Reiki attunement and certification and would like to add to their knowledge by experiencing Reiki from a different lineage.

Participants are asked to share at registration when they received their previous training (this workshop is not intended for people with no previous Reiki training).

“Reiki The Healing Touch” manual will be available for purchase for those who want to add to their Reiki resources.

This workshop is being held at Samskarayoga in Ashburn, Virginia near Wegmans at 22000 Dulles Retail Plaza, Suite 102. Sterling, Virginia

Sign up at:



June 29th, 2019 Starts Class 1

Registrations is open !!!!!

Participants will learn how to perform six energy movement techniques which are used throughout training program and prepares them for Pathways of Emotions and Mastering the Vibrations of this program.  Participants will perform these energy movement techniques to multi aspects of five primary energy systems:  Grounding, Chakras, Gateways to Emotions, Energies of the Heart and Life Lines.  The techniques and systems learned can be incorporated into the participants current healing routine or current healing practice.

  • Class consists of 6-8 hours of instruction depending on number of participants and hands on experience and each class building on each other.
  • A certificate of Attendance will be given after the course.
  • Certificate of Completion will be presented when all five classes are completed from the course.
  • First class tuition is $185.00 and includes class handbook.    All other classes will be $165.00.   Payment will be collected prior to class beginning. 
  • a-journey-to-healing-book-cover

Class 1 – Energy Flow and Chakras

Learn how to connect to the energy within the body and use three energy movement techniques: Stirring, Energy Flow and Full Body Energy Flow.  You will learn how apply these energy techniques to the grounding points and nine chakras within the body.

Reiki II Class is being offered on May 30 and May 31st  10:00-2:30.  Weekend dates available upon request.

Reiki II teaches Reiki I practitioners greater proficiency at energy healing and introduces new healing symbols. Students will learn these new healing techniques in a small class setting; through a combination of lecture and hands-on experience over several class periods. Each student is attuned to the Reiki Energy to become a Certified Reiki II Practitioner.

Topics that will be covered during the Reiki II Class.

Continue to expand your knowledge of Chakras and your Energetic Anatomy
Learn the Western and Japanese Method of Giving Reiki
Reiki II Symbols, Their Purpose and How To Use Them
Using Reiki For Specific Conditions
How To Heal Unwanted Habits
Distant Healing, Advance methods of Scanning
How to Energetically Work with Emotional and Mental Healing
Class fee includes a International Center Reiki Kit designed by William Lee Rand and includes a 100 page workbook, DVD demonstrating Reiki self treatment and treatment of others techniques, Reiki meditation CD, Reiki music CD, set of 30 Reiki cards.

Class fee is $250.00

Reiki Level 1 Class

Calming Winds will be conducting Reiki Level 1 Class on March 13th, 2019.  Class will begin at 10:00 and held in  Leesburg, Virginia.  Class fee is $165.00 and includes manual.  Further details are on the Reiki page.  If interested in participating in this class, Email

Chakra Tune Up !

Calming Winds is offering a holiday special for February and March.
Tune up your Chakra system with Tuning Forks. This one hour special can be for yourself or give as a gift. You will leave more focused, relaxed and your heart will be open to receive Universal energy.

$45.00      Contact Tonia at for an appointment time.

Shamanic Drum Circle

February 19th, 2019 6:00-8:00 Cascades Overlook Event Center in Sterling, Virginia

Enjoy an evening of drumming and healing on the night of the Snow Moon.  I will facilitate the drumming followed by Chelsea Snyder of Samskarayogava with a healing meditation.  Free