Animal Healing

Animals respond intuitively to energy. Reiki is ideal to use on animals because it is gentle and non-evasive.  A Reiki sessions helps the animals body to relax and ease their stress.  It supports the facilitation of healing, in much the same way that it works for us. 

For animals who are healthy, Reiki helps to maintain their health, will enhance relaxation and give them emotional contentment and peace. Reiki can also help you and your animal during times of transitions. This may be during a family move, during separation, new addition coming into the home, a sickness in the family. For animals who are ill, Reiki is a wonderful healing method as well as a safe compliment to Western Medicine.  Reiki can support the animal prior to medical treatment or after they return home.  For our animal that is about to leave us, Reiki is a powerful yet gentle way to provide comfort and to help with the animals anxiety during transition.

Animal Reiki Session

One of the wonderful things about animals is that they’re very aware of Reiki and where they need it. They take a leadership role in their own treatment, deciding how much or how little Reiki they want.  Animals will not accept a Reiki treatment if they feel like it’s being forced on them. In order to respect your animal and its boundaries, Reiki sessions are offered in their own environment.  Initially Reiki is offered from a distance until the animal indicates it wants a hands-on treatment.  Once they are comfortable they will indicate where they want me to  place my hands in one or multiple positions on the body. Physical contact, however, is not necessary for a successful Reiki treatment. Offering Reiki from a distance is often better for abused, aggressive, or fearful animals.  CalmingWinds offers in person Reiki and Distance Reiki.

Special Combination Sessions are available for you and your pet.  This is a soothing healing energy session that provides relaxation for both of you and offers a wonderful bonding experience.   


Reiki I Class for you and your animal.  This class will first teach you Level 1 Reiki and then how you can extend this energy to your pets.  This is a two day class.  Second day of class will give you hands on experience with your pet.Tonia adheres to the Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics, developed by Kathleen Prasad, Founder of Animal Reiki Source. 

Cost for class is $225.00  Each class is taught individually with the first day focused on learning Reiki for yourself and the second focused on giving to your pet.  Two manuals is included in fee.

Tuning Fork Therapy for Animals

Tuning Fork Therapy®  is similar to acupuncture except we are using Tuning Forks. The tuning forks are used on your animals acupuncture points and chakras.  It offers pet owners an opportunity to aid in their pet’s overall health.  Sessions for your animals can be in your home if in Loudoun County or arrangement can be made to come to our studio.  For additional information, contact Tonia at


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