Reiki I Class


Reiki I training provides you with a powerful foundation of skills, experience and understanding to help you use Reiki to consciously participate in your own healing and personal growth.  

Each student will experience Reiki for themselves and after your attunement you will have the opportunity to continue receiving support with emails and to join a quarterly Reiki Share where you can continue supporting and recharging your energy.

Class topics include: 
Origin and History of Reiki
ICRT Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
Energetic Anatomy 
How to incorporate Reiki I Into Your Daily Life
Purpose of Grounding
Gassho Meditation
Byosen Scanning                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Kenyoko Cleansing
Hayashi Healing Guide
Level I Attunement
Curriculum is based on the information from the International Center for Reiki Training developed by William Lee Rand.  Certification of Completion for Level I Reiki.  Class fee includes manual.
All Classes are on hold for the United States as Tonia is moving to Santa Ana, Costa Rica.   She will resume teaching in the United States fall of 2017.