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Reiki II Class

Reiki II teaches Reiki I practitioners greater proficiency at energy healing and introduces new healing symbols.  Students will learn these new healing techniques in a small class setting; through a combination of lecture and hands-on experience over several class periods.  Each student is attuned to the Reiki Energy to become a Certified Reiki II Practitioner.

Topics that will be covered during the Reiki II Class.

  1.  Continue to expand your knowledge of Chakras and your Energetic Anatomy                             
  2.  Learn the Western and Japanese Method of Giving Reiki
  3.  Reiki II Symbols, Their Purpose and How To Use Them
  4.  Using Reiki For  Specific Conditions
  5.  How To Heal Unwanted Habits
  6.  Distant Healing,  Advance methods of Scanning 
  7.  How to Energetically Work with Emotional and Mental Healing

Class fee includes a International Center Reiki Kit designed by William Lee Rand and includes a 100 page workbook, DVD demonstrating Reiki self treatment and treatment of others techniques, Reiki meditation CD, Reiki music CD, set of 30 Reiki cards.


Class is a combination of lecture, discussion, and hand~on experience.  

Pre-requisite for this class is Reiki I, if not a previous student of CalmingWinds you will need to bring your Reiki I certificate.  If interested, please contact Tonia at Calming Winds: