Reiki Level II Class, April 2nd

Reiki Level II Class~       $275    April 2nd 9:00-6:00 

Registration is open until March 25th, 2023


Reiki II teaches Reiki I practitioners greater proficiency at energy healing and introduces new healing symbols and advanced techniques that expands your ability to give Reiki by distance.  Students will learn new healing techniques in a small class setting through a combination of lecture and hands-on experience.  Each student is attuned to the Reiki Energy to become a Reiki II Practitioner with the option of extending it to a Certified Reiki II Practitioner for those who may want to add this to a healing business.

Class is conducted in one eight hour day class or is offered in two days.  If scheduling a individual class, the option will be yours.

Topics that will be covered during the Reiki II Class.                              

  1.  Eastern and Western methods of giving Reiki
  2.  Reiki II Symbols, their purpose and how to use them
  3.  Using Reiki for specific conditions
  4.  How to heal unwanted habits
  5.  Distant healing, advance methods of scanning 
  6.  How to energetically work with emotional and mental healing
  7.  Understanding the emotional aspect that is held in the organs
  8.  How to test the energetic vibration of each organ
  9.  Individual sessions to practice distance healing with other master level students

Class is conducted for 4 hours over two days.  This gives you a chance to go home and absorb the information you learned and then come in with questions.  However, if two days doesn’t fit in your schedule, one day can be arranged. This class is a combination of lecture, discussion, and hands~on experience.  Pre-requisite for this class is Reiki I, if not a previous student of Calming Winds you will need to bring your Reiki I certificate.  At the end of the class, you will receive a certificate stating you have completed the course and training and attuned to Reiki II to be a Reiki II practitioner.  Included with fee is manual.

  • Certified Reiki II Practitioner Option:  Certification is meant for those individuals who want to take their Reiki II skills and apply it to a healing business/practice.  Having certification demonstrations to clients that you have completed an agreed amount of sessions on different people and documented each session under the supervision of a Reiki Master, Teacher.  Certification costs is $150 and payment is made after all hours are completed and supervision meeting has been scheduled with the teacher.

 Individual Class can be scheduled at your convenience                  Class Fee    $325

Class is conducted in Leesburg, Virginia or can be conducted in your space for additional fee after a thorough discussion with Tonia.   Contact Tonia to register for scheduled class or to request a individual class by Email at calmingwindshealing@gmail or by phone/text at 571-271-5411                        



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