Reiki Death Service

Reiki is a beautiful form of non-medical comfort and many people use Reiki during various stages of their lives; and Reiki can also be used during the end of life.  Reiki provides comfort to the person whose life is coming to an end. Reiki Death Services offers physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional support for the person who is near the end of their life and or actively transitioning.  The service provided by Tonia gives Reiki directly to the person transitioning at the location they are in, whether it be at home, hospice, or hospital.  As a Reiki practitioner, Tonia offers a voice to the dying person as they can make the arrangements in advance themselves or at the request of a family or friend.  The process involves asking a few questions in advance if possible, and if there isn’t time, then it’s about assisting the transition with Reiki. 

The Reiki transition is done by gentle touch or touch-free.  Reiki is gentle, self-guided energy that offers the person a loving, energetic experience. Reiki sessions provide spiritual comfort and often the person transitioning will feel the energy and become more relaxed as the Reiki process helps the nervous system become quieter. Afterward, Reiki will be available to the person’s family and friends as they begin to process their grief.  Tonia may be part of a conversation that takes place with the soul, and if this occurs, she write this information and will share the Soul’s Journey with the person’s representative.

For additional information, contact Tonia at (571-271-5411).  For these situations, it doesn’t matter what time you call.  

Fee for service is:   A donation