Reiki Level I Refresher Class

Refresher Workshop

Reiki I Refresher course is designed to help Reiki practitioners refresh their skills and to address any questions you’ve had since your last Reiki training.  During the refresher training you’ll be given the opportunity to review numerous topics and to practice your skills with other Reiki practitioners.  The refresher workshop is intended to help you regain confidence and motivate yourself to bring the energy back into your daily routine.

Class topics include:

  • Review the Reiki Principles and how to incorporate them into your life
  • Byosen Scanning for yourself and others and understanding hand sensations
  • Types of Intuition
  • Grounding exercises for centering yourself and how to ground others 
  • Kenyoko cleansing
  • Reiki Anatomy and their emotions
  • Self Reiki hand placements, Reiki for others using chair and table
  • Opportunity to ask questions

This workshop is suitable for anyone who has studied and received Reiki attunement and certification and would like to add to their knowledge by experiencing Reiki from a different lineage.  Participants are asked to share at registration when they received their previous training; this workshop is not intended for people with no previous Reiki training.   “Reiki The Healing Touch” manual will be available for purchase for those who want to add to their Reiki resources. Each refresher class is 3 hours.