Rhythm Drum Healing Session

Rhythm Drum Healing

Tonia has been using drums for her personal journey for many years.  October 2019 she had the opportunity to adopt the Tambour Unite’ drum. This beautiful drum was hand crafted in Canada and currently she and two other energy practitioners have these drums in the United States.

What can drumming do for us energetically ?  

Drum therapy is not new. It is an ancient approach to healing that uses rhythm.  Shamans all over the world have used therapeutic drumming for thousands of years to help physical, mental and spiritual health.  In addition, it’s a tool to use for self-expression.

Drumming has been studied and they have shown that it can induce deep relaxation, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and help with pain.  A recent medical research study led by Barry Bittman, MD. a renowned cancer expert found in his study that drumming increases cancer-killing cells that can help the body combat cancers in addition to other viruses.  According to Dr. Bittman, “drumming tunes our biology, orchestrates our immunity and enables healing to begin”.

Tonia uses drumming in her own personal journey and emphasizes it’s a key to her own self-expression, to go deep within the core, enhancing a sense of empowerment and assists with grounding her firmly to the present moment.

CalmingWinds offers sessions with the Tambour Unite’ drum where you experience a unique session that combines gentle Reiki with Rhythm Healing. 

For additional information, contact Tonia at:  tonia@calmingwinds.com