Services at a Glance

Tonia Bultrowicz, BA                                                            Reiki Master Teacher, Tuning Fork Therapy Teacher,   Clearing Held Memories Teacher, Reflexology and   Shamanic service practitioner.

Below are the fees associated with the services provided by Calming Winds.  Classes and services are provided by    Tonia Bultrowicz.  To schedule a class or session, please contact Tonia by phone/text at  571-271-5411 or by Email at  

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  • Reflexology 60 Minutes:     $85     
  • Foot & Hand Reflexology  90 Minutes:     $110
  • Reflexology with Reiki  90 Minutes:          $125
  • Reflexology 3 Session Package 60 Minutes:     $225    
  • Reflexology & Reiki 3 Session Package 90 Minutes:  $330

  • Reiki I Class:$     $165     
  • Reiki II Class:      $250     
  • Advance Reiki Techniques Class:   $250   
  • Reiki Session 60 Minutes:     $85     
  • Reiki 3 Package 60 Minute Session:  $225 
  • Reiki with another modality for 90 Minutes:   $125              


  •  Animal Reiki 60 Minutes session in your home within             Loudoun, County:    $85 
  •  3 Animal Reiki Session Package:     $225
  • Animal Tuning Fork Therapy:   $85
  • Reiki for owner and pet:    $125                                                                                                                                             

  • Tuning Fork Therapy 60 Minutes:     $85 
  • Tuning Fork Therapy 3 Session Package:     $225   
  • Tuning Fork Level 1 Class 6-8 hours:     $350                       November 20, 2021


  •  Drum Healing Session 60 Minutes:     $85       
  •  Drum Healing 3 Package Session:     $225     
  •  Drum Session combined with Reiki for 90 Minutes  $125 



Shamanic Services

  • Soul Remembrance:     $85    
  • Power Animal Retrieval   $85   
  • Soul Retrieval and Reiki:     $125        
  • Learning to Journey :    $85     
  • Shamanic Journey Group Workshop:   $150   
  • Shamanic Drum Session with Journeying:  $150                  

  • Clearing Held Memories classes                      are each:    $165 
  • Clearing Held Memories Manual:     $25   
  • Clearing Held Memories session 60          Minutes:     $85       


Reiki Death Service

Reiki provides comfort to the person whose life is coming to an end. Reiki Death Services offers physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional support for the person near the end of their life and or actively transitioning. The service provided by Tonia gives Reiki directly to the person transitioning at the location they are in, whether it be at home, hospice, or hospital.  Fee for service: A Donation


To ensure everyone is safe due to the risk of COVID 19, those not vaccinated will be asked to come wearing a mask for sessions or classes. Those assisting Calming Winds will be wearing a mask when unable to be more than 6 feet apart.  Tonia Bultrowicz and those assisting her will do their best to follow guidelines suggested by the CDC to ensure safe measures for everyone.

All individuals taking classes or getting services should understand the following and will be asked to sign a Client/Student Information and Release Form:

  • Sessions and classes may create circumstances, such as the discharge of respiratory droplets or person-to-person contact, in which COVID-19 can be transmitted.
  • There is an understanding that you are opting for an elective session or attend a class that is not necessary. However, while I understand the potential risks associated with attending class or a session during the COVID019 pandemic, I  agree to proceed with this understanding when signing the Client Information and Release Form.
  • It is understood the frequency of appointments with other clients, the attributes of the virus, and the characteristics of sessions and classes; you may have an elevated risk of contracting COVID-19 simply by being in an environment other than your own home.  If session or class takes place in your home, you are allowing others willingly into your environment knowing the risks it carries.
  • Please cancel class or session if experiencing any of the following symptoms of COVID-19 that are listed here: Fever, dry cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, loss of taste or smell or have been exposed with someone who has had COVID-19 two weeks prior.
  • In addition, you understand travel increases the risk of contracting and transmitting the COVID-19 virus; please report to Calming Winds if you have traveled outside of the US in the previous two weeks to your class or session. It will then be decided to reschedule the class/session for a later date.

At any time you have the right to postpone or cancel a class or session with Calming Winds out of concerns of COVID-19.


Patients with Life with Cancer have special reduced rates.  Please specify when making an appointment if you are an active participant with this program. 

  Payment for classes or individual sessions can be made by credit card or cash.      Services conducted in Leesburg and at Samskara Yoga and Healing Center in           Sterling, Virginia.