Event Announcements


Sacred Waters Drum Circle, September 11, 2021      6:00-8:00 in Manassas, Virginia  Calming Winds will be offering sample sessions of her Drum Healing with the Tambour Unity Drum.  Donations to Sacred Waters encouraged.  RSVP on Sacred Waters Facebook     


Fall Equinox Healing Open House: Alliance, Ohio  September 21 4:00-9:00 and September 22, 11:00-4:30 Location will be given once requested. Join the fun with Tambour Unity drum, Sound Immersion, Reiki and Tarot. Contact Florence Hallett for those in the Alliance, Ohio area.                                                                      Tambour Unity Drum Sessions at the Park                September 23-25th, 2021  Individual Healing Sessions in Alliance, Ohio at Silver Park.  Schedule sessions with Tonia by contacting her at tonia@calmingwinds.com or by phone/text:   571-271-5411  


Reiki Level 1 Class  October 2, 2021 10:00-6:00              For additional information, go to the:                                  Reiki I Level 1 Class page 

Class fee $165




Reiki Level 2 Class  October 15 & 16th, 2021                   1:00-6:00 each day                                                                     For additional information go: Reiki 2                     




Tambour Unity Drum Sessions on the beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina          October 31-Nobember 5, 2021.   Individual Drum Healing Sessions in Myrtle Beach on the beach, weather permitting or will be held ocean front on a balcony.   Schedule sessions with Tonia by contacting her at tonia@calmingwinds.com   Fee for service.


Samskara Yoga and Healing Center in Dulles, Virginia August 13-15th.                           Friday 5-9:00, Saturday and Sunday 12:00-4:00

Calming Winds will be there offering Mini-Drum Therapy Sessions with the Tambour Unity Drum and Tuning Fork Tune Up Sessions.  Fee


Bonnie’s YORIQI Drum and Healing Event, August 22, 2021 6:00-10:00  If interested in attending, please contact Tonia by phone or Email.  Held outside in Leesburg, Virginia.  Tonia will be helping Bonnie facilitate this event.