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Energy Work in Hospital
Here’s a beautiful world view today (here in a hospital in Mexico) and tomorrow somewhere else in the world. This patient on the operating table receives energy care before surgery.  Two complementary paths, together, hand in hand, in kindness, for the sake of the patient. When emotional intelligence awakens, it works wonders.
This picture you see is me with my mother during                      a emergency procedure due to retina crisis. While waiting I gave her Reiki. The doctor came into the room and said how calm she was. I told him I was giving her Reiki and explained what it was. I then proceeded to leave the room but he asked me not to go, to continue with the energy work as he felt it will keep her calm as she was about to get several shots into her eye.  This is the picture I took of her while getting the procedure.  I wanted to capture the moment of her being so calm. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor to use what energy modality you feel works for you or your family.  It’s your right to advocate for your own medical wellness and that may include alternative modalities like Reiki.