Shamanic Services

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  • Soul Remembrance:            $130                 
  • Soul Retrieval and Reiki:    $130 
  • Learning to Journey:           $150
  • Power Animal Retrieval:     $100  

Soul Remembrance  Soul remembrance is a shamanic experience where together I journey with guides to help you remember what your life purpose is for this lifetime.   A soul remembrance can help you clarify why you may be drawn to a certain situation or occupation. This will help you be aware of the important  patterns or obstacles that present themselves in your life and why they keep repeating.  After the journey is over, I will share with you the healing story, this may help you in making decisions and moving forward in life’s choices.  Session last 90 Minutes.                                                                                     

Soul Retrieval    Soul Retrieval is a shamanic technique in which I journey with you to bring back parts of yourself that has left to be safe during some traumatic event in your life. Traumatic events may be very obvious or it could be an event that didn’t seem traumatic at the time, but still affected you energetically and part of you left to avoid damage.  Examples of soul loss is illness, accidents, loss of any kind, any event where a person might be changed or loss their innocence.  For example, after the event, you felt you couldn’t trust again or was terrified to do a particular task.  Sometimes people just feel lost and feel there is something missing.

The after effects of Soul Retrieval vary with each person.  People may feel more present in their body, more grounded, joyful and light, may feel more confident or more complete after soul retrieval.  For some, deep feelings may surface that need to be further processed.  Others may feel only subtle differences until more integration work is done.  It is important for the person to choose a special way of welcoming the soul essence(s) home and integrationg this beautiful energy.  For several weeks this integration work should be done.  It can be as simple as drawing a picture of the soul essences or meditating to a mantra.  I encourage you to bring in activities that will help you feel grateful for the fragments wanting to return.  In addition, I encourage you to drink plenty of water and perhaps soak in epson salts bath to help the body de-tox.  Rest as needed or consider taking a walk in nature.  Walking helps you ground and moves the energy.  Journaling as thoughts arise and be in the moment rather than pushing the information away, process it to the best of your ability.  Listen to your heart and inner voice.  I Wait 24 hours before talking to other people about your soul retrieval experience.  This is because the soul retrieval is often felt most strongly in the 24 hours after your session. 

Since soul retrieval doesn’t translate easily into words, talking about it or analyzing the experience can dissipate the positive energy you have received. We are welcoming home a long lost friend, returning vitality, a journey toward wholeness, a start of positive new changes and hope. 

All Soul Retrieval sessions are followed by Reiki.  Session can last up to 120 minutes.

Power Animal, Spirit Guide Retrieval    This shamanic technique will connect you to an animal guide, known as a messenger or spirit guide.  A power animal is characterized as a teacher or messenger that comes in the form of an animal.  It is believed that you do not choose the guide, but rather, it chooses you.  The animal is there to provide “medicine” to the recipient in the form of guidance, lessons, protection, power, and wisdom. Shamans worldwide have relied on the guidance, wisdom of spirit animals for thousands of years.

Power animals come in and out of our lives to give us guidance and teach us aspects of our lives.  While I perform this shamanic technique I will ask a power animal to come forward.  The one that comes forward is there to help you on your path.  Perhaps for a specific occasion, a particular phase in your life, or for a task that needs completed.  The animal that comes forward will be unique to you and what you need.

You can have one or several spirit animals throughout your lifetime. They can come in and out of our lives to give us guidance, teach us about ourselves, and help us achieve our goals.   The power animal will act as a companion that you can learn to journey and meditate with and who you can ask to bring guidance or simply to walk with you on your path.  Session last 60 minutes.

Learning to Journey:

Learning to Journey:  Is a individual experience where you learn and experience how to shamanic journey. The shamanic journey is an adventure in consciousness where you enter the Non-Ordinary Reality that lay beyond the five physical senses.  During this individual workshop, you will be guided in visionary journeys to access the landscape of the Lower World and to connect with your Power Animal, the totem animal that has accompanied you since birth. Journeying enhances your regular spiritual practice to provide personal empowerment, new insights and knowledge, and guidance through the practical situations of life.   Learning to Journey can take up to 3 hours.


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