Shamanic Journey Workshop

The Shamanic Journey Workshop can be for you individually or for a group gathering.  In the workshop you will learn how to shamanic journey. The shamanic journey is an adventure in consciousness where you alter your awareness to enter the Non-Ordinary Reality that lay beyond the five physical senses.  During this workshop you will be guided in visionary journeys to access the landscape of the Lower World and to connect with your Power Animal, the totem animal unique to you. The techniques you learn can then be used in your regular spiritual practice to provide personal empowerment, new insights and knowledge, and guidance through the practical situations of life.

This workshop will be taught by Tonia Bultrowicz who is a experienced shamanic practitioner who have received hundreds of hours of in-person and online training in addition to performing years of individual study and practice.

Workshop will be conducted in Leesburg, Virginia and limited to 6 people for a group. There is a possibility that the teachers will travel to your location for a group event, if no further than 1 hour from Leesburg, Virginia. There will be a small transportation fee and a minimum of participants for this request.

Items to bring with you:

  • Eye covering such as an eye pillow, sleeping mask, or banana.
  • Rattle and/or frame drum (Native American style). If you don’t have one there will be some available for loan.
  • Blanket for lying upon, and pillow and a blanket for covering if desired.
  • Pen and notebook to record your journeys.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing. Water will be provided, but snacking is not permitted during the course. Audio or video recording, photography, or other data capture is not permitted.
  • Mask for personal protection.                                                                                                                                                Workshop fee       $150