Space Clearing


For centuries, people have held religious ceremonies to ask the Divine to bring happiness, abundance and protection to their homes. The idea behind Clearing Space is simple. You are moving energy out of the area that has been left by the previous occupants or from visitors that brought their issues and left them in your space.  Residual energies can also come in from items you purchase or were given as a gift; the manner in which negative energies enter your home or office space is endless. As you clear space,  you’re replacing the negative energy with positive energy. 

During a space clearing~
You are setting the foundation for positive energy and allowing your space to be open for creating harmony within the Universe.  Space clearing is a wonderful  gift for your home and it can also be done in office space where you want the people visiting your establishment to feel welcome, energized and want to return because of the positive energy they felt as they walked through the door. In  addition, when clearing space we are asking for blessings for the future. Sessions generally run one to two hours, depending on the size of the house or office.   Each method is different for each space as each location is unique. 

Prior to the actual cleansing a short visit  is necessary to determine what tools will be needed and to gain an understanding of what will be required to ensure a positive outcome. Fees are based on the time needed for that space.  Range begins at 100.00.  If interested in having your home or business space cleared, please contact Tonia at