Tuning Fork Therapy® Class

“The development of Tuning Fork Therapy® is based on the belief that as sound waves pass through the body, they elicit responses within the body’s systems.  These systems react to the sound waves and vibrations created and use them to restore to a healthier and more harmonic base.”

Tuning Fork Therapy Class Level 1

During class you will  be introduced into the science of sound and how to use Tuning Fork Therapy® to create  balance and harmony for the body. The simple methods and techniques learned in class can be applied to yourself, family and friends.  No prior energetic healing experience is necessary.  Once finished you will be able to clear Charka’s, help tone and support the energetic system.  Students will learn how to use the Tuning Forks while applying the new information during practice sessions incorporated into the class.  Included in the Level I class will be short discussion on how you can apply similar techniques to your animals. Class includes a Tuning Fork kit:  Set of eight beginners tuning forks, Tuning Fork Therapy® manual and activating puck in addition to several handouts to give you a basic understanding of how our body is filled with energy centers.

The techniques  learned in this class can be incorporated into the participant’s          self-healing routine or current healing practice.  

This class is going to be scheduled at Samskara Yoga and Healing Center in Sterling, Virginia on April 18th, 2020 (1-7:00pm) and July 12th, 2020 (10:00-4:00).  Class fee is $350.00. Look for Early Bird Discounts at Samskarayogava.com

For additional information contact Tonia at tonia@calmingwinds.com.  Individual classes sessions are also available to help meet the needs of your schedule.  Tuning Fork Therapy can also be combined with other healing modalities during a session.  Please state your request when booking an appointment.

Upper Level Tuning Fork Classes will be Scheduled starting October 2020

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