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Oct 29, 2023 - Oct 29, 2023

Tuning Fork Advance Workshop

  • 1Day


Tuning Fork Advance Workshop is designed for people who are already familiar with the basics of how to use tuning forks and has a full set. In this class you will learn advance techniques and then practice these techniques on each other. Topics include: Tuning Fork Reflexology on Feet Tuning Fork Facial Techniques Fine Tuning in the Fields Class includes resource book~ Tuning the Human Biofield. Plus additional materials created by Calming Winds 174 Hz. Tuning Fork Each student will need to bring their set of tuning forks to the workshop or request to borrow a set for the workshop. Class is scheduled in Leesburg, Virginia on October 29, 2023 from 10:00-4:00. Class is limited to 4 participants. Registration is open now through October 14, 2023, a non-refundable deposit for class is $125. Register by Emailing Tonia at or call 571-271-5411. Once you contact Tonia, she will arrange how to pay your deposit or you may pay for the class in full. If paying deposit only, the balance of class will be collected prior to class starting. Please contact Tonia at or call 571-271-5411 for additional information. Payments can be made by: Square, PayPal, Venmo or Cash

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