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Tonia Bultrowicz, the founder of Calming Winds and Loudoun Drumming, is a holistic practitioner and teacher with over thirty years of experience helping others. Prior to solely focusing on holistic services, Tonia was a licensed professional in the mental health field.


She believes that in order to find harmony and balance in life, it's important to address not only the mind but also the body and spirit. By using an alternative approach to wellness, Tonia believes that balance can be achieved to help you live an optimal life. She offers a variety of holistic services that draw from different traditions she has learned from teachers all over the world.

Physical discomfort often occurs when we overextend ourselves. As a result, we will be affected physically, emotionally, psychologically and energetically.  The symptoms may change how it presents itself until you address the core of the problem. Holistic services gives you an alternative approach to managing your symptoms and it doesn't require you to make a choice between holistic vs. western medicine; you can simply add it to what is advised by your medical professional.

Holistic services have helped reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain and stress.  Calming Winds studio offers you a place for respite from the chaos of life. There you can shed the stress and take a deep breath while you bring in the inner peace.  You will find YOU are the priority and details of a peaceful environment is a part of the sanctuary that is created for you.  Tonia took inspiration from her global travels and educational experiences to bring these approaches to help you for your own inner peace and joy.  Each session is unique and designed to give you an experience that fits the needs for that moment.  Serenity also comes with time. At Calming Winds your sessions are never rushed and ensure you leave feeling refreshed and your energy lifted. 

Services at Calming Winds are conducted in a therapeutic manner and remain confidential.  Tonia continues to believe in community service and donates her time for special events, in addition to people and animals that are in critical health or preparing to transition. 

Calming Winds and Loudoun Drumming offer individual services in Leesburg and Sterling, Virginia. Tonia has recently added drum facilitating to her services and is known as Loudoun Drumming in the community.  Both businesses are available for corporate team building, retreats, group offerings. Questions are welcomed, schedule a Discovery Call under Services to make an appointment. .

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