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Meet Tonia

Certified Holistic Practitioner and Teacher

Drum healing and meditation in nature.

Tonia Bultrowicz is a holistic practitioner and teacher for Calming Winds. She began her journey into helping others twenty five years ago when she worked as a licensed mental health professional.  She began to realize if you are going to find harmony and balance in your life, it's important to help people with their mind but with their body and spirit as well. She decided after many years in the mental health field to make it a priority to explore alternative methods to healing and in 2009 she decided to change her career and focus solely on holistic services.


Tonia believes we often face physical pain due to overextending ourselves physically, emotionally, psychologically and energetically.  As a result, we may feel illness and troubles that never seem to go away but just change how it presents itself. People have a hard time understanding that we are metaphysical beings, having a physical experience. Using an alternative approach to wellness, balance can be achieved and help you live an optimal life. There are many approaches to wellness that compliments western medicine.  These holistic services can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, negative thoughts patterns and fatigue, pain and stress. 


Services at Calming Winds are conducted in a therapeutic manner and remain confidential. She continues to believe in community service and donates her time to people and animals that are in critical health or preparing to transition.


Services are currently available in Loudoun County, Virginia: Leesburg at Calming Winds studio and

 on Monday's at Samskara Yoga and Healing Center


Contact Tonia at: 
phone/text 571-271-5411

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