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Loudoun Drumming News

This is my first blog post talking about Loudoun Drumming. Loudoun Drumming started around 4 years ago by Calming Winds (Tonia Bultrowicz) and Harmony to Your Energy (Doris Poulin) with sharing their Tambour Unity drums for therapeutic drum healing out at Algonkian Park and then they connected with Keny Finger and grew the idea of building a more robust drumming community out here in the Loudoun area. We have been super pleased with the response from the community and we thank you so much for being a part of it! This year we have decided to expand and share how we are branching out.

Therapeutic Empowerment and Development:

Events designed specifically for groups. At these events the group is designed for a special focus. It could be on female energy, team building, family and friends gathering, corporate speaking/activity. In addition, Loudoun Drumming offers therapeutic drum sessions at these gathering which is a 6 foot Tambour Unity Drum that helps individuals in expanding the heart and grounding. Tonia and Doris are energetic practitioners and drum facilitators and can be contacted to schedule a group event that fits your needs. In addition, Loudoun Drumming does community outreach in Loudoun County.  Recently you may have seen us at Loudoun Pride Festival, they were also at Erickson Senior Living campus where they held a special drum event for Mother's Day. Soon anyone in the community can find them at the Defiantly Joyful event at Hope Flower and Winery where Loudoun Drumming will be opening the weekend's events with a drum circle on July 26th at 7:00. Tickets are needed.

Drum Classes: You start from the very beginning and learn the value of drumming not only for your personal health but for the social aspects of it as well. Drum Clinic for Beginners is designed to help you learn the basic skills (technique, learn to read rhythms and always held in small groups). This class gives you plenty of time to ask all those necessary questions and provides a setting where you feel comfortable and confident as you begin to explore this new hobby. Drum Clinic for Beginners class is instructed by Tonia Bultrowicz (Calming Winds).

Intermediate Drum Series: For the more advanced players who are looking to build their skills even more, we have just announced our first hands-on drumming workshop for intermediate level players. At the classic jams that we host, we have had many beginner or near-beginner level players join us and we notice that they keep coming back for more! In talking to people, we recognized an appetite out there for people to develop their skills and go deeper into this rewarding hobby. This workshop is our first attempt to deliver such a service to the community and will be led by Kenny Finger, who has been the primary facilitator for our main drum jam events. Of course we’re hoping that we’ll get strong participation and interest to keep developing more “Skill Builder” workshop type series.  Registration is open now for both classes.  Follow the link below for more info and sign up today, we’d love to work with you! Space is limited, so don’t wait.

Drum Jams: We will continue with the classic drum jams - the events that have been so positively received by the hundreds of participant drummers who have joined us over the years. We’ve had events at beautiful locations throughout Loudoun County and we absolutely plan on continuing this tradition. These are the big open drum jams that you know and love! Our next jam is tentatively scheduled for September 14th, location TBD.  SAVE THE DATE!

And actually, let us mention something about locations. It’s actually really hard to find a suitable location, as there are many variables to consider. But we’ve also noticed that several people within our community have ideas about good locations, so we thought it would be a good idea to  put the call out to you all to help us come up with good ideas for event locations. If you have ideas, please reply to this email and let’s talk! Otherwise, we will be reaching out again soon with a message specifically about locations and we’re hoping that this collective community will have some workable ideas and we’ll be able to continue hosting the rewarding events that we’ve all enjoyed so much.

Drum Adoption: In addition, for those who want to own a drum (Ocean Drum, Shamanic Drum or the large 6 foot Tambour Unity Drum), our partner Doris Poulin with Harmony to Your Energy continues to bring in new drums several times a year and offers them for adoption. These are all handcrafted and one of a kind. Below you will find her link to how you can own your own drum.  At our drum jams you will see all kinds of instruments and we are thankful she brings many of her drums for people to borrow.

That’s it for now! Thank you for listening and for being a part of this movement that we’re trying to build! It’s all about you, and of course without you there would be nothing - we are trying to change the world by raising our vibrations through drumming together.  Please follow links below for information and activities that you’ll find Loudoun Drumming either conducting ourselves or participating in throughout Virginia.  In addition, share our events with your friends or on your media pages, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. All these avenues help us get the world out with events planned and new opportunities for you. Until then, stay cool  and KEEP DRUMMING!! 

Thank you!

Calming Winds/Loudoun Drumming

Help us keep connected and learn about events you can join.

Loudoun Drumming Facebook  Be sure to Follow to keep up with all the events planned.

Registration for either class by simply emailing Tonia at: or two

weeks before the event you sign up on here under the "Service Page"

Defiantly Joyful  We will be opening the event on Friday night at 700. Click the link for tickets that are required and can be purchased at this link and allows you to participate in three days of events at Hope Flower and Winery.

Women's Empowerment Experience This incredible two day conference is for women and offers amazing speakers. Tonia (Calming Winds) and Doris (Harmony to Your Energy) will be closing this event.

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