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Meet Tonia

Certified Holistic Practitioner and Teacher


       Calming Winds offers you a place for respite from the chaos of life. There you can shed the stress and take a deep breath while you bring in the inner peace.  Here you will find you are the priority and details of a peaceful environment is part of the sanctuary that is created for you at Calming Winds.

     Taking inspiration from global travels and educational experiences, Tonia strives to give you a holistic session that brings in peace and joy. Each session is unique and designed to give you an experience that fits the needs for that moment. Serenity also comes from time, you will never feel rushed and we strive to ensure you leave feeling refreshed and your energy lifted.  

Sessions are offered at Calming Winds studio in Leesburg, Virginia and in Dulles, Virginia at Samskara Yoga and Healing Center.