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Classes and Workshops

Reiki for Beginners

Level One

Reiki is a gentle Japanese healing technique that promotes well-being. Reiki is translated ~Universal Life Energy. In order to heal, we must raise our vibration. A healthy human body vibrates between 62-72 MHZ. When you fall below this threshold, you are susceptible to anxiety, stress and illnesses that can lead to diseases. Reiki is a gentle technique that can help you learn how to raise your vibration for yourself and others.


Level I introduces the history, philosophy and basic principles of Reiki. This healing modality is open to anyone who has the desire to help themselves or perhaps one day want to help others. There is no prior experience required.

Course content includes:

  • History of Reiki including philosophy and ethics.

  • Attunements for Level I

  • Attunement Cleansing Process and Symptoms of Change

  • How to scan the human energy field and other energy centers.  You will learn about how your emotions affects the body and how to use Reiki to help restore balance.

  • Reiki Anatomy

  • Emotions of the Organs

  • Energy Centers

  • Types of Intuition

  • Hand Placements for Self-Treatments and for treat others

  • Japanese Reiki Techniques, as taught by Dr. Usui

  • Manual for you to take home for reference later

Reiki Level 1 class, is a combination of lecture, discussion and hands on practice. You will receive training on how to perform Reiki for yourself and others and after class there will be opportunities for you to review what you learned through Reiki Shares that help you also build your confidence.


Class can be scheduled in one day or you have the option of having two, four hour days. The option is yours.

Reiki Level 2

Taking Reiki to a new level that allows you to use symbols and give sessions by distance.

Reiki II teaches Reiki I practitioners greater proficiency at energy healing and introduces new healing symbols and advanced techniques that expands your ability to give Reiki by distance.  Students will learn new healing techniques in a small class setting through a combination of lecture and hands-on experience.  Each student is attuned to the Reiki Energy to become a Reiki II Practitioner. 

Topics that will be covered during the Reiki II Class.                              

  1.  Eastern and Western methods of giving Reiki

  2.  Reiki II Symbols, their purpose and how to use them

  3.  Using Reiki for specific conditions

  4.  How to heal unwanted habits

  5.  Distant healing, advance methods of scanning 

  6.  How to energetically work with emotional and mental healing

  7.  Understanding the emotional aspect that is held in the organs

  8.  How to test the energetic vibration of each organ

  9.  Individual sessions to practice distance healing with other master level students

Class is a combination of lecture, discussion, and hand~on experience.  Pre-requisite for this class is Reiki I, if not a previous student of Calming Winds you will need to bring your Reiki I certificate.  Included with fee is manual and future Reiki Shares.


Certified Reiki II Practitioner option: Certification is meant for those individuals who want to take their Reiki II skills and apply it to a healing business.  Having certification demonstration to clients that you have completed an agreed amount of sessions under the supervision of a Reiki Master Teacher.  There is an additional fee for this option and can be discussed if interested.          

Tuning Fork for


Healing with Frequency.

“The development of Tuning Fork Therapy® is based on the belief that as sound waves pass through the body, they elicit responses within the body’s systems.  These systems react to the sound waves and vibrations created and use them to restore to a healthier and more harmonic base.”


Benefits of Tuning Forks:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Stress management

  • Depression

  • Pain management

During class you will  be introduced into the science of sound and how to use Tuning Forks to create  balance and harmony for the body. The simple methods and techniques learned in class can be applied to yourself, family and friends.  No prior energetic healing experience is necessary.  Once finished you will be able to clear chakras, help tone and support the energetic system.  Students will learn how to use the Tuning Forks while applying the new information during practice sessions incorporated into the class.


Included in the Level I class will be short discussion on how you can apply similar techniques to your animals.


Class includes a Tuning Fork kit:  Set of beginners tuning forks, Calming Winds tuning fork manual and activator.

The techniques  learned in this class can be incorporated into the participant’s self-healing routine or current healing practice.  Class is conducted in one day.                                                                                     

Clearing Held Memories


Clearing Held Memories is a unique and powerful way of working with the body and its energy systems. It facilitates the release of deeply held memories trapped in the tissues that have created imbalances in the energy flow of our bodies.  By combining the gentle connection of touch to the various energy systems flowing throughout the body,  blocked traumas may be released.  These techniques play a major role in restoring a person’s vitality.  

The course is offered in five classes. One class per month. Each class builds upon the others. The knowledge you acquire may be incorporated into traditional massage and other body work sessions. Additionally, it may be incorporated into traditional energy work sessions such as Reiki, Healing Touch and others.

Benefits of Clearing Held Memories

Clearing Held Memories:

  •  Reducing stress and promotes relaxation. 

  • Releases underlining causes of illness. Repairs relationship issues. Releases past trauma, fears and disappointments. 

  • Change unhealthy perceptions and can help reduce symptoms.

  •  Helps speed recover from physical trauma.

  •   Helps to cope with grief or loss and will promote a renewed sense of well-being.

This is a unique course, as you learn the techniques you yourself will be healing your own traumas found while learning.

The skills you learn in this course can be applied in your own healing business.

Learning to Journey Workshop

The Shamanic Journey Workshop is designed to help people learn how to journey.  This can be done for a group of you and your friends or done individually. Hours for this workshop varies depending on participants. The shamanic journey is an adventure in consciousness where you alter your awareness to enter the Non-Ordinary Reality that lay beyond the five physical senses.  During this workshop you will be guided in visionary journeys to access the landscape of the Lower World and to connect with your Power Animal, the totem animal unique to you. The techniques you learn can then be used in your regular spiritual practice to provide personal empowerment, new insights and knowledge, and guidance through the practical situations of life.

This workshop will be taught by Tonia Bultrowicz who is an experienced
shamanic practitioners who has received extensive in-person and online training in addition to performing years of individual study and practice.

Workshop will be conducted in Leesburg, Virginia or at an agreed location if a group and limited to 6 people.

Items to bring with you:

  • Eye covering such as an eye pillow, sleeping mask, or banana.

  • Rattle and/or frame drum (Native American style). If you don’t have one there will be some available for loan.

  • Blanket for lying upon, and pillow and a blanket for covering if desired.

  • Pen and notebook to record your journeys.

  • Please wear comfortable clothing. Water will be provided, but snacking is not permitted during the course. Audio or video recording, photography, or other data capture is not permitted.

  • Mask for personal protection.

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